Employee Preparedness – 3 Critical Areas

As an employer……..

  • Gain a trusted partner and adviser who can guide your company through the preparedness process
  • Achieve a state of readiness with a non-intrusive, easy to administer, preparedness program
  • Extend to your employees a new and exciting benefits offering that will help them and their families be prepared for the unexpected
  • Learn how to blend preparedness with every day living to ensure that when disaster strikes your employees can take care of their families and your business

Offer your employees…

  • Employee discounts on high quality preparedness supplies
  • Free shipping* direct to the employees home delivering total convenience
  • Guided programs, tools, and resources that will help your employees better prepare their homes and families
  • Customized incentive programs to reward employees as they reach different levels of preparedness
  • Training on how to blend preparedness with routine living, thus instilling confidence, knowledge and skills should disaster ever strike

              (* Limitations based upon location may apply)

Be Prepared

Quality Emergency Preparedness Products